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Sligo Pallets provides a comprehensive manufacturing service of custom-made pallets for commercial clients. Our custom-built pallets are perfect for customers who need to transport large, heavy or unusually-shaped loads or machinery. We can create oversized pallets to suit your exact needs and specifications, ensuring exceptional quality and longevity every time.
With over two decades of experience in the pallet manufacturing industry, our team can tailor our custom pallets to suit all industries and load sizes.
Many of our custom pallets are popular with festivals and events that need custom-pallets to create stages and other temporary structures as they are made to order, strong, and reliable.

As well as servicing these events, our custom pallets suit a range of other industries who require unconventionally sized pallets, including engineering, construction, pharmaceuticals, machinery, food, and more.


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Our Custom Pallets are Suitable For:

Oversized Loads

Heavy Loads

Unusually Shaped Loads

Large Goods

Machinery Transportation

Vehicle Transportation

Events Structures

Festival Structures

Pallet Furniture Parts


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Custom Pallets FAQ

How much does it cost to get custom pallets made?

The price of custom pallets varies depending on your pallet specifications. Call Sligo Pallets for a free, no-obligation quote on all of our custom pallet manufacturing services now.

What are custom pallets used for?

Custom pallets are usually used to help in the transport of oversized, large, or unusually shaped loads. Sligo Pallets offers comprehensive custom pallet manufacturing services for commercial clients all over Ireland.

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