New Pallets

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New Pallets

Sligo Pallets offers a range of new pallets to suit all businesses and industries. Our commercial pallets are high-quality, durable, and long-lasting for the safe transport of all types of loads. We sell a range of standard Euro Pallets as well as CP Pallets, Square Pallets, and more, and can always offer advice on what the best type of pallet will be to suit your goods. Our new pallets can be heat-treated to ISPM 15 standards if required for shipping abroad to guarantee safety and quality.

New pallets are a must for industries looking for safe, clean, and non-contaminated pallets for the transport of their goods. By buying new pallets from Sligo Pallets, you can rest assured that your stock is being transported safety and hygienically, no matter where it’s headed to across the world.

If you need to invest in high-quality new pallets for your business, why not get in touch now? We service all of Ireland with delivery from our head office in Sligo.

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New Pallets Are Suitable For Transport In:

  • Food Industry

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Medical Industry

  • Health and Safety Industry

  • Sterile Products

New Pallet Specifications

Standard and Euro Pallets
Standard 4 way pallet 1200mm x 1000mm standard-4-way pallet
Euro 4-way (EPAL) 1200mm x 800mm EPAL Euro Pallet
CP Pallets - 3 Legger and Flushboard
CP1 1000mm x 1200mm CP1 Pallet
CP2 800mm x 1200mm CP2 Pallet
CP3 1140mm x 1140mm CP3 Pallet
CP4 1100mm x 1300mm CP4 Pallet
CP5 760mm x 1140mm CP5 Pallet
CP6 1200mm x 1000mm CP6 pallet
CP7 1300mm x 1100mm CP7 Pallet
CP8 1140mm x 1140mm CP8 Pallet
CP9 1140mm x 1140mm CP9 Pallet
Square Pallets
Square Pallets 2-way entry 1200mm x 1200mm square 2 way entry
Square Pallets 4-way entry 1200mm x 1200mm square 4 way entry
Square Pallet Flushboard 4-way entry 1200mm x 1200mm standard pallet flushboard
Square 3 legger Pallet 1200mm x 1200mm 3 legger
Other Pallets
Standard VMF Pallet 1200mm x 1000mm VMF pallet
Bosch Pallet 800mm x 600mm bosch

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New Pallets FAQ

  • How much do new pallets cost?

    The price of new pallets varies depending on the type you want to buy. Call Sligo Pallets now for a free quote on all new pallets.

  • Are new pallets better than used pallets?

    New pallets are heat treated, which decontaminates the pallet. This makes new pallets more suitable for transporting sterile goods from industries such as the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, health and safety industry, and more.