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With over 2 decades of experience in the wood pallet industry, Sligo Pallets knows how important health and safety is when it comes to the international shipping of pallets. This is why we offer professional ISPM 15 heat-treated pallets for customers intending to ship goods abroad.
The ISPM 15 guidelines in the pallet industry are of utmost importance and help to control the quality of pallets leaving the country and to ensure the protection of the foreign environments that they enter.
Our ISPM 15 heat-treated pallets come in a range of standard sizes and can also be custom-built to accommodate large, unusually-sized, or oversized loads such as machinery or heavy goods. If you need to ship goods abroad and want to purchase heat-treated pallets that you can trust, why not get in touch with Sligo Pallets today?


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Why Do Pallets Need to Be Heat Treated?

By heat-treating pallets, you ensure that they become sterile and decontaminated. Due to the nature of the wood that pallets are made out of, pallets can be susceptible to becoming infested with insects like termites and woodworm. The only way to guarantee that these insects are not present in pallets is to heat treat them to ISPM 15 standards. The team at Sligo Pallets offers heat treated pallets to ISPM 15 standards from our headquarters in Sligo, using a professional pallet oven to sterilise, decontaminate, and ensure hygiene when it comes to pallet production. Heat treated pallets are vital for the transport of sterile products including food, pharmaceuticals, and health & safety equipment.

ISPM 15 Wood Pallets

Under new Brexit regulations, all wood pallets for the UK now have to be heat-treated to ISPM 15 standards. ISMP 15 Standards ensure that pallets have been heat-treated at 56 degrees Celsius to prevent the spread of any pests or bugs that could be residing within the wood of the pallets.
Here at Sligo Pallets we offer a range of sizes in our heat treated pallets, providing ISPM 15 pallets suitable for use between the EU and UK. Whether you’re looking for standard heat treated wood pallets for once-off use or need custom made, bespoke ISPM 15 wood pallets, our team are happy to help, with plenty of experience and knowledge when it comes to EU and UK pallet regulations.

Heat Treated Pallets FAQ

What is a heat treated pallet?

A heat treated pallet is a pallet that undergoes extensive heat treatment in a chamber to ensure that it does not contain any wood worm, mould, algae or other microorganisms that could disrupt the ecological integrity of other countries.

Why do I need to buy heat treated pallets?

Heat treated pallets are a necessity if you want to ship goods overseas from Ireland. Sligo Pallets offers a range of heat treated pallets for commercial customers in Ireland for shipping abroad.

What are the new wood packaging rules with Brexit?

Due to Brexit, pallets into the UK from Europe are now required to meet ISPM 15 standards to stop the spread of pests that could live in the wood of the pallets. Sligo Pallets provides ISPM 15 heat treated pallets safe for use to all of The UK.

How long does the ISPM 15 treatment last?

When a pallet has been treated to ISPM 15 standards, the treatment generally lasts the lifetime of the heat treated wood pallet.

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