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If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution to transporting large, small, heavy or light loads, look no further. The team at Sligo Pallets offers a wide range of used pallets to suit commercial clients in all industries, guaranteeing the best price without compromising on quality.
We repair broken pallets to be resold as high-quality, durable, and long-lasting solutions that won’t come attached with a massive price tag for you or your company.

As well as offering a range of standard wooden second-hand pallets to choose from, we sell second-hand plastic pallets and oversized pallets to suit industries of all types in Ireland. Our used pallets can be used for large loads in heavy industries as well as for lighter, smaller loads. Simply get in touch with us today for advice and recommendations on the best used pallets to suit your industry. 

We ensure that all used pallets here at Sligo Pallets are thoroughly inspected and tested before being sold to our customers to guarantee quality and reliablility.


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Why Choose Used Pallets?

Cost Effective


High Quality



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Used Pallets FAQ

How much do used pallets cost?

The price of used pallets varies depending on what type of pallet you’re buying. Used pallets are often far cheaper than new pallets.

What are the benefits of used pallets?

Used pallets are cheaper than new pallets and are also more environmentally friendly than new pallets. Call Sligo Pallets now to order used pallets.

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